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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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@"h"h @ @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @>> alcides: body camera footage @shows an arrest that left a @woman bloodied. @why the pasco sheriff said this
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@>> anjuli: all highs on south @carolina. @the last big test before super @tuesday. @>> alcides: good saturday @morning, everyone, thank you for @joining us, i am. @>> alcides: @>> alcides. @>> anjuli: and i am anjuli @davis. @those stories and much more in @just a minute. @jim weber in for lindsay. @a chilly start to the day. @>> jim: it is a chillier start. @northerly wind and clear skies. @that northerly wind will bring @cool air for today. @and plenty of sun. @not only today but over the next @several days. @46 degrees. @so we are starting to warm @things up very slowly. @and this is @and this is going to be the key @today. @slow warming temperatures. @dew point at 37. @so a very dry air mass outside. @feels delightful. @the humidity is basically @nonexistent at this point and @those winds coming out of the @north at 5 miles per hour. @so as we go through the day, @plenty of sun and by noon, 59 @degrees and then into the lower @60s during the afternoon. @we do start a warming trend, but @that is going to be tomorrow.
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@coming up in just a little bit. @ new this morning, just hours @after a cease-fire agreement @takes place in syria, a car bomb @exploded killing two people and @wounding several others. @it happened at the edge of a @government-held town. @no one has claimed @responsibility for the attack @yet. @opposition activists say parts @of syria have been partially @strong. @the truce went into effect at @midnight. @that truce does not include the @islamic state or a local al @qaeda branch. @>> i am not going -- @>> @-- @>> put your hands behind your @[bleep] @back! @>> alcides: this body camera @video show an arrest that left a @pasco county woman bloody @pasco county woman bloodied and @injured. @the sheriff's office released @the entire video because the @sheriff says it shows his deputy @did the right thing. @the sheriff's office is facing @criticism for what people claim @the deputy used too much force, @but according to their use of @force policy, that deputy did
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@the woman seen in the video was @resisting arrest. @we learned the woman's name by @the way, timothy @the way, tiffany tebow. @she is 29 years old. @last week a pasco county deputy @and store security at beall's in @wesley chapel approached her of @a pair of shoes she didn't pay @for. @tebow would not allow the deputy @to handcuff her. @a tussle began and she slammed @her head on to a cement wall @badly cutting it. @sheriff chris knuckle said @deputies cannot simply walk away @from someone that doesn't want @to be arrested. @>> if the deputy had jumped on @her and that would have been a @full out fight on the ground. @would have been on ground. @however, faced a taser, suspects @are more like three comply. @>> reporter: the deputy later @grabbed a towel, you can see @there to, to apply some pressure @on who her head. @she is expected to be okay. @her record shows she has @numerous arrests in the past. @and the sheriff said she knew @exactly what to do once she was @being arrested. @the sheriff said that in this
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@allowed them to clear the deputy @of any wrongdoing rather than @having -- going through months @of internal investigation. @ two big blows for governor @rick scott as the legislature @begins final negotiations on the @budget. @governor scott wanted $1 billion @in tax relief and they are only @giving $400,000. @the jobs to the state and @lawmakers flat-out rejected that @idea. @the chairman of the senate @budget subcommittee for economic @development said the rejection @of the fund was a, quote, punch @in the gut and zeroing out of @fund is insulting and demeaning. @ an update now to a story we @first told but last night. @allegiant passengers whose @flights were cancelled at st. @pete-clearwater international @airport are expected to fly out @sometime this morning. @they were told their flights @were cancelled because of @mechanical problems with air @mechanical problems with
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@allegiant to confirm the reason @and never felt back. @friday's cancellation comes a @day after one of its planes was @forced to abort takeoff at st. @pete clearwater airport. @the airline said thursday's @incident was due to engine @trouble. @since 2015, more than 25 @incidents were reported by @several media outlets across the @country. @the majority of them occurred at @st. pete clearwater airport. @ going into the day's south @carolina democratic primary. @hillary clinton has a large lead @over senator bernie sanders. @both candidates made stops in @the palmetto state ahead of this @morning's primary including @ahead in the poll in south @carolina by more than 20 points. @this as both candidates are not @only focused on today's primary @but also on fast-approaching @super tuesday. @later on today, clinton will be @in alabama while sanders hits up @texas as well as mince. @ talk about a mean change-up.
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@league christian verlander's @license plate and put on a @stolen car. @it happened in the bay area in @lakeland where verlander and the @lakeland tigers were holding @spring training. @it was part of a month-long @crime spree by one man. @verlanders was at the movie when @he came out to find the temp tag @missing from his pickup truck. @considering this guide's grown @considering this guide's @considering this guide's @background he is lucky the whole @truck is not missing. @tyler mcmillian is responsible @for numerous car thefts and @break-ins in polk county dating @back as far as february 5. @police actually found ve r land @police actually found ve r @lander's car on a car stolen in @auburndale. @verlander never saw the thief. @but todd bixby did. @on monday he was sitting in @traffic on airport road when @demill can pointed a shotgun at @him and forced him to sit in the @passenger seat and took off @driving. @bixby told us he wondered how
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@>> when somebody pulls out a @firearm, and has you at that @point, the only thing that goes @through your mind is am i going @to go home to see my family or @am i going to die today. @i just thank the good lord i was @able to walk away from it. @>> the robber eventually let him @get out of the truck. @lakeland police say this man @crashed that truck into another @vehicle while trying to get away @from police. @he is now facing 27 charges @including kidnapping, armed @robbery and numerous counts of @grand theft, burglary. @as for verlander he actually @treated it, true story hashtag @crazy. @hashtag, i am innocent. @hashtag, it wasn't me. @i which we could see that tweet. @ ye mystic krewe wraps up @their celebrations. @>> anjuli: where you can join @in with the pirates on their @final hurrah. @ flu season reaches its peak @in tonight who and next month @and we are speaking with a nurse
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@family. @good morning, jim. @>> jim: good morning. @we are enjoying just a gorgeous @start to the day. @a lot of sunny skies although a @few temperatures a bit on the @cool side. @sitting the low to mid-40s most. @ morning. @30s to the north. @as you look over st. pete beach @right now, a gorgeous-looking @day. @temperatures will be very slow @to warm up today because of that @northerly wind and we look for @those warmer temperatures as we @get into next week. @we will let you know how warm it
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@ @ if you have the sniffles.
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@i will tell that you. @the flu season is here and this @year's flu season is hitting @folks a lot harder than normal. @we bring in angela, nurse @practitioner with cvs minute @clinic. @thanks so much for being with us @this saturday morning. @>> good morning. @>> alcides: tell us about this @year's flu shot. @>> this year's flu shot is 60% @effective. @so definitely our best way to @prevent the flu at this point @including things like hand @washing. @>> alcides: the difference @between a bacteria and virus and @how that plays a factor in @getting better. @>> well, the big thing is almost @everything starts at a viral @infection. @remember viruses cannot be @killed by a antibiotic. @so our best bet is doing @symptomatic management. @now if there is a flu, things @like anti-virals like tamiflu @and some other things that can @be taken that help shorten the @duration and the severity of the @symptoms, but, again, @antibiotics only work for @bacterial infections. @>> reporter: like the z-pack. @so common.
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@everybody knows about the @z-pack. @something that you can not take @if you have a viral infection, @right? @>> that's correct. @azithmycin or the z-back as some @people like to call it is @something for a bacterial @fiction only. @back ter y'all infections take a @good 7 to 10 days to brew. @your sinus fictions, they @usually take time, but they @almost always start as a virus @type illness. @symptomatic like ibuprophen, and @they will help. @and also taking care of yourself @and also taking care of @yourself. @lots of fluids, rest, good food. @>> reporter: so angel you said @-- angela, you said ibuprofen. @i love that. @i talked to a couple of doctors @and she say take 600 to 800 @ibuprophen and take cough drops @and that kind of moves things @around. @is that a good suggestion? @>> anti-inflammatory drugs like @ibuprofen and naproxen aleave
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@in make in the body. take them @with food. @you need to avoid them if you @have any kidney problems, but, @yes, with the viruses, it is an @inflammation and those things @help to decrease that @inflammation. @>> reporter: if someone is sick @now, obviously go to the minute @clinic and get the flu shot. @it is not too late. @what suggestions can you give @folks. @>> if you are sick, stay home. @we want -- @>> alcides: @ @>> alcides: so easy. @>> avoid spreading it to other @people. @if you cough. @cover your coughs and sneeze @appropriately. @instead of coughing or sneeze @instead of coughing or sneezing @into your hand, but coughing @into the sleep of your arm or @into a kleenex. @good hand washing, and again @just taking care of yourself. @adequate fluid. @adequate rest and good nutrition @is important aspect of keeping @yourself well. @>> alcides: getting rest is @something that i wanted to do -- @four or five hours sleep and i @was sick for four or five weeks.
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@thank you, angela, for being @with us. @have a great weekend. @>> thank you, you too. @>> alcides: thank you. @ hey, there, jim, somehow it @going? @>> jim: it is going pretty good @>> jim: it is going pretty @good. @the cool temperatures this @morning, they are going to @slowly warm up through the day @and that northerly wind sticks @around as we go through the day. @eventually by tomorrow, we start @that warming trend with these @winds turning more toward an @easterly direction. @as you look outside right now @you continue to see beautiful @you continue to see @beautiful-looking conditions @with plenty of sun. @but you just don't see that @picture is just how cool it is @outside. @but these temperatures most @everywhere are in the 30s or the @40st. @but not until the coastline in @pinellas county. @that's where it is a little bit @warmer running in the 50s. @but not seeing a whole lot of @people walking on the beach this @morning. @it is just simply a little bit @-- too coal out there right now. @46 degrees out there right now. @dew point at 37. @humidity at 71%.
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@at 5 miles per hour. @everybody is sitting either in @the 30s and 40s except for right @along the coastline. @pinellas county, clearwater at @51. @st. petersburg has a 52. @and last hour brooksville below @freezing and got back up above @that mark. @sitting at 34 degrees. @crystal river at 36. @and then 40s throughout the @interior. @across the northern part of the @state, still seeing plenty of @30s across the panhandle. @gainesville at 39 degrees. @tallahassee has a 35. @jacksonville at 41. @even down across the southern @part of this state, we are @seeing temperatures down into @the lower 50s. @big cooldown across the state @because you can see these @temperatures running especially @across central florida between, @say, 5 to in some cases up to 16 @degrees colder compared to this @time yesterday. @now the high is sitting back to @our west. @that is going to slowly meander
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@we still have plenty of clear @skies. @plenty of sun for today and the @winds come out of a northerly @direction. @that continues to kind of @reinforce the cooler air for @today this @today @today. @that is why the temperatures @will struggle to get into the @lower 60s for today but once @that high moves to our east, we @have those winds coming in out @of an easterly direction that @moderates those temperatures. @that will start tomorrow. @because watch that high moves @right over the state. @plenty of sun for today. @and really over the next several @days, and then we start to warm @things up as we get into next @week. @same time watching a front to @the north, and that will bring @us a slight chance of a couple @of showers as we get into the @middle of next week. @as you notice right here, you @are not seeing much moisture @with that front. @that's why we will keep that @rain chance at about 30%. @forecast for today though looks @good. @plenty of sun. @a bit on the cool side. @daytime high of 63 degrees. @then for tonight, one more @chilly night, overnight low of 4 @chilly night, overnight low of
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@nice start to the day. @and the daytime highs rebounding @nicely into the low 70s. @on the water, winds are out of @the north at 10 to 15 knots. @seas 2 to 4 feet with a moderate @chop on the bay. @high tide comes up at 4:19 this @morning. @the seven-day forecast. @the temperatures warming up into @the 70s this week so finally @getting back to more pleasant, @more mild temperatures as we go @through the week, and that 30% @chance of some showers as we get @into wednesday. @back to you. @ and in sports this morning, @the lightning take on the devils @in new jersey, and the rays @start spring training. @here is fox 13's kevin o'donnell @here is fox 13's kevin @o'donnell. @>> kevin: good morning. @steven stamkos is a center. @no question about that. @wants to play center. @has been a point of contention @in hanging over john cooper @since he moved stammer to right @wing during the playoffs. @stammer is back in the middle @and he has been there and it is @working.
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@fifth straight game. @lightning on top by connecting @here. @ryan callahan puts the puck on @that. @stam cos is denied. @-- stamkos is denied. @in the second period. @the original line gets to work. @from behind the next to palat. @and just like 2-0 bolts. @time winding down of the period. @the 18 strikes against. @with the shot. @stamkos looks like bounces off @his body and the refs take a @little time to figure it out. @yeah, it was stammer's goal. @27th of the season. @lightning has 30 shots on net in @the first two periods. @matt carl went four and a half @months without a goal, and he @gets his second goal in four @games. @and the lightning win their @fifth straight game with a @shutout 4-0 over new jersey. @and not the deal the lightning @fans were looking for. @the bolts make a move.
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@gets a three-year extension that @averages under 4 million. @and saves the lightning some cap @space. @big deal for coburn that it @includes a full no trade clause @for this season and the next two @for this season and the next @two. @john cooper really likes @coburn's play and his @professionalism that he brings @to that locker room. @ rays get right into the @swing of spring as the full team @officially comes together in @port charlotte. @these guys actually happen @together all weekend. @that is a good thing because @they have just five days of work @before the games begin. @the rays open with the @nationals on wednesday down @south. @i-75. @highlights of the morning @session. @chris archer throwing live @batting practice to tim beckham. @throws bun past beckham to begin @the sequence, and beckham turns @on this one. @cranks it out. @got to love this coming up here. @how about the little -- little @celebration. @beckham texased chris archer in @the morning saying he was going
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@practice and you know what lived @up to it. @the first day of full squad, but @already a little playful bonding @time is needed. @>> nice of the whole team and @just being together again. @we will work on full team drills @instead of doing your own thing @and pitchers off to the side. @so it is good to be, you know, a @full team again. @i know everyone is excited to @get out there and really start @getting going. @>> i think we should just -- @everybody kind much gets their @feet under them treads water a @little bit, but most of the guys @have been out here. @kind of like another day with @under fmentals thrown in. @>> three high school teams @playing for state titles today @in basketball out in lakeland. @st. pete, 61 @ @ sarasota-river view in a squeak @ sarasota-river view in a @squeaker by 1 in overtime take @on coral springs for the title @at 7:00, 6 a, largo with a two @at 7:00, 6 a, largo with a @two-point win over pensacola and
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@1:3. @that is a look at sports. @have yourself a great day. @ and in case you missed it, @yesterday was a bittersweet one @here at fox 13. @we said goodbye to our colleague @and dear friend chip carter. @mayor bob buckhorn stopped by @proclaiming it chip carter day. @he is retires @he is retiring after 28 years @here at fox 13. @the third sports director in fox @13's 60-year history. @of course parting gifts. @a pretty cool helmet signed by @nascar drivers. @hard saying goodbye but we wish @him all the best and i know he @will have a great time in @retirement. @ i was out and about and peep @were asking me what is chip @doing. @>> anjuli: he looks so young. @i have no idea what chip is @doing. @>> alcides: i heard something @like he is going to move up @north and something. @we will have to facebook chip @and find out after the fact. @i never see him. @we are on completely different @shifts. @ still ahead, looking for @something fun to do this weekend @something fun to do this weekend @albertson's aldz a bunch of hot
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@rays @ @ welcome back. @looking to get out of the house @this weekend. @>> anjuli: a bunch of hot @hamtion. @take the entire family to rays @fan fest. @rays players and coaches will be @on hand to meet and greet, take @photos with you too. @this year's free activities @include a discussion with hall @gammon. @the social zone and other @baseball-related activities.
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@player. @and coming up after the break @live with kelly cowan who is @there. @ craft beer loves have a @chance to meet the brewers @behind their favorite beverages @today. @meet the brewers event is being @put on by creative loafing. @20 of the bare area's best @brewers will be on hand sampling @their new beers. @door. @it all kicks off at the creative @loafing event space located in @it the tampa at 1:00. @ or you can go join mickey, @miniand some of your favorite @disney friends -- mickey and @minnie and some of your favorite @disney friends part of a magic @show at amalie arena. @they have shows today at 1, 4 @and 7:00, and on sunday, over at @the mahaffey theatre, and those @shows are 1:00 and 4:00.
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@ . @>> alcides: moscow's festival @ballet present "cinderella." @it features leading dancers from @across russia. @scenery. @tickets start at $25. @ and ending gasparilla, the @ye mystic krewe will celebrate @with festivities. @they will dock at the convention @center where the pirates are @return the keys of the city to @mayor bob buckhorn. @live music. @and it all starts at 2 o'clock @and it all starts at 2 o'clock @and free to attend and there is @a charge for food and drink. @ @ @ . @>> alcides: go down i-4 and you @can see these guys, the fallout
8:27 am
@the event will have mardi gras @beads. @admission to the park by the way @runs at about $100. @the fallout will take stage at @8:00. @ the academy awards comes to @tampa tomorrow night. @and you can dress up in movie @themed costumes of hollywood @inspired attire and head over to @the tampa theatre to watch the @awards show. @it sounds fun. @a big-korean screwing of the @oscar and it all starts at 7:00. @tickets start at $20 or $15 if @you are already a member of the @theatre. @>> alcides: looking down there @and see 46 degrees. @>> anjuli: isn't it insane? @i did not dress properly for the @occasion. @i was shivering on the way in. @>> alcides: she is shivering @now jimz jumz i like to remind @people enjoy it while we got it @because july, august, you will @about to kill someone to get @weather like this. @you certainly be. @and a nice-looking day for @today. @plenty of sun. @those winds continue out of the @north.
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@are really going to have to @slowly -- struggle to get up in @the upper 50s into the lower @60s. @if you are looking for warmer @weather, well, it is headed this @way starting tomorrow. @i will talk about that coming up @ @ (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for
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so... what else about me? @ @ from tampa bay's number one @news station, this is "good day @tampa bay." @jimz welcome back to "good day @tampa bay." @time is 8:30, beautiful start to @the day and these folks are
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@a look over st. pete beach right @now. @light northerly winds. @yesterday we had the very breezy @conditions, so the seas stir up @a bit. @much more calm right now. @along the coastline, these @temperatures sitting in the @lower 50s. @clearwater, you are at 51. @st. petersburg, 52 degrees. @once you move away from the @coastline, temperatures @generally in the 40s here in @tampa. @that is 46 along with bran don. @and toward the north, we saw @those freezing temperatures last @hour in brooksville. @but you warm back above that. @you are currently at 34 degrees. @continue to see these @temperatures only getting into @the 60s. @another cool night for tonight, @but that nice warming trend @starts tomorrow with @temperatures rebounding back up @into the 70s. @we continue that as we go @throughout week. @we talk about that coming up in @just a little bit alcides. @>> alcides: look beautiful. @thank you, jim. @ time is 8:31. @a quick check of top stories.
8:32 am
@this woman kristi cartini @mendoza. @accused of stabbing a woman nine @times outside a night club. @the victim is expected to @survive. @she is wanted for attempted @homicide. @if you have any information @where she may be, contact the @hillsborough county sheriff's @office. @ there are cameras on police @officer @police officers and cameras on @police officers' guns. @that is what police are @interested in. @it is a camera that turns on @whenever the officer pulls out a @weapon and sends an alert to @other officers and streams the @images to supervisors. @police chief tony holloway said @we buy the technology today if @it worked correctly, but there @are adjustments that still need @to be made. @ and a new way to get around @downtown tampa. @did you see this. @the pirate water taxis. @free boats will shuttle 50 to 40 @passion injury along the river @walk. @channel district and davis @island that run from 10 a.m. to @10 p.m. sunday through thursday @and midnight on friday and
8:33 am
@those hours will be extended for @special event. @ sarasota police aren't just @warning residents about gas @skimmers. @teaming up with gas station @owners to fight against them. @they are telling owners to check @their pumps for devices several @times a day. @skimmers come in different @shapes and sizes and steal your @information without you even @knowing it. @>> i hate to give them too much @credit, but they are able to @utilize the technology these day @utilize the technology these @days to -- to facilitate -- @basically stealing run in, you @know, hard-working people. @>> reporter: society police is @found three skimmers in the city @in the last month and a half. @ a parking push by tampa city @councilmember is infuriate @councilmember is infuriating @downtown drivers and drawing a @veto threat from the mayor. @>> alcides: as fox 13's evan @axlerod explains, not everyone @thinks that they should get a @free pass for parking. @>> reporter: ask anyone. @>> i do. @>> it is chaotic.
8:34 am
@sucks ... the life out of. @>> you i had to drive around the @block three or four times. @>> reporter: also the money. @>> having to get tickets because @people always walk around. @>> reporter: this week tampa @city council voted 5-1 not to @help frustrated residents but to @help themselves. @they have ordered city @administration to draw up an @ordinance that let them park in @any spot or metered place for @free. @councilor told news a statement @it will be a convenience @performing official duty @performing official duties and @if they are late to meet @dignitaries due to the lack of @available parking, the image of @a whole city would suffer. @>> i would say they have to pay @and park like everybody else and @because of the frustration of it @too. @report drorp councilman greedo @monstra, to voted in favor of @the ordinance for an open @dialogue but will not support it @for a vote. @the spot counselors get at city @hall are just a few blocks from
8:35 am
@>> and myself always utilize @when i go downtown. @i park there and awalk. @>> reporter: mayor buckhorn that @gets a police escort and parking @when he is on official business @points thought counselors get -- @counselors get reimbursed for @parking and a car allowance of @$70 in each biweekly paycheck. @he said he would veto this if @they passed it. @>> reporter: this is a -- @>> this is part-time job at city @council and folks rightfully @upset for a part-time employee @getting free parking. @if they don't like it, they can @run for mayor. @>> reporter: evan axlebank, fox @13 news. @ time is now 8:35. @five people are dead after a @standoff in washington state. @deputies in mason county say a @gunman called 911 to report that @he shot and killed his family at @their home near the town of @bellfair. @25 miles southwest of seattle. @a 12-year-old girl who survive @the shooting was taken to the @hospital for evaluation.
8:36 am
@gunman for three hours sending @the swat team. @the shooter then turned the gun @on himself. @it is still unclear what @motivated the attack. @ learning more about what may @have sparked a man to open fire @at his workplace in cans can @killing three people and hurting @dozens of others. @the shooter was served with a @protective order involving a @former girlfriend 90 days @before the shooing began. @served it at cedric ford at a @kansas lawnmower plant. @he went on his break, returned @with an assault rifle and open @fired on his co-workers. @the first police officer who @arrived shot and killed ford. @the sheriff said that that @officer saved countless lives. @ artisan singer yoko ono has @been hospitalized in new york @city for flu-like symptoms. @on the mend and reports of her @suffering a stroke are simply @not true. @the 83-year-old widow of john @lennon is expected to be
8:37 am
@ check this out, guys. @unicoverages. @check this out. @[ laughter ] @what @a photo out of california. @this is actually a police chase. @seral moser @several motorists stopping in @surprise to see a small pony @wearing a plastic horn on its @head just running down the road. @police say that several drivers @were a little hesitant to call @911 to report the unicorn on the @run. @the pony escaped from a child's @birthday party and was later @safely returned. @poor little thing. @ all right, rays fans are the @chance to meet some of their @favorite rays players at rays @fan fest, but a lot of exciting @other news coming out much @tropicana field too. @>> alcides: kelly cowan is live @at the trop. @good morning, kelly. @>> reporter: well, good morning. @yeah, the doors will open to @season ticketholders at 10 a.m. @people are arriving now and i @think they work inside there.
8:38 am
@activities planned today to @bring the kids and hang out for @the day. @there is going to be batting @practice for the kids. @a home run derby. @of course, auto signing. @meet your favorite players here. @give them a high five as you @cross the plate. @even your kids can get some @pointers from the players i am @told in the outfield today, so a @lot of fun stuff going on @inside, and a lot of excitement @about this season building, of @course, the spring training @schedule kicks off next week on @wednesday when they take on the @washington nationals, and @everyone is talking about their @trip to cuba. @now this was announced last fall @when bob manfeld the baseball @commissioner announced a @exhibition game between one mlb @team. @there was a lottery and the rays @won it. @to play in havana against the @cuban national team. @this is history, guys. @this haven't happened until 1999 @when the baltimore orioles took @a trip to havana. @this is a long-time coming. @and as i mentioned before
8:39 am
@commissioner and commissioner of @mlb has been working on for a @while, because not only is, you @know, the president of the @united states working on mending @relations with cuba, but it has @become a priority for major @league baseball to mend those @locations as well. @the date has kind of fluctuated @a little bit actually with @travel issues. @so right now, what we are told @is we are looking at a march 23 @date. @that is, i think, a fuse i am @right. @a tuesday game in havana. @but for now, live outside of the @trop, kelly cowan, fox 13 news. @back to you guys. @>> you got it, way to go, kelly. @thank you. @>> reporter: thanks. @ imagine winning a $43 @million lottery jackpot and not @keeping a cent of it. @this actually happened. @a 90-year-old couple from @seminole here in the bay area @did that. @ruby and her husband won the @february 17 florida lotto @drawing. @they took the lump sum, walking
8:40 am
@but get this, instead of keeping @it, they actually split it among @family members. @neighbors say this could not @have happened to a better couple @have happened to a better @couple. @>> it's great. @they are the quietest, nicest, @most reserved people you see in @your life. @only comes out to to get his @mail. @mo ws his own life. @>> alcides: maybe they have a @distant cousin with. @>> alcides: @>> alcides. @that would be nice. @they bought it at the winn-dixie @in seminole. @the store receives $100,000 for @selling the winning ticket. @ today i didn't know this is @the national strawberry day and @the strawberry festival right @around the corner. @>> anjuli: i love this time of @year from gasparilla to @strawberry festival. @this is great. @whipping up tomorrow strawberry @shortcakes. @ @ @ @ still ahead, celebrating
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
@the music @ @ spirituals are rooted deep @in black history. @songs are one of the ways that @they made it through daily life. @as we honor black heritage month @as we honor black heritage @month, crystal clark explains @how one group is preserving @traditional music. @>> reporter: born out of a high @school choir in st. pete, the @alumni singer have been singing @negro spirituals for 36 years. @their music celebrates the
8:44 am
@[singing] @>> music with a special meaning. @>> it's heart-filling. @it is your faith. @>> reporter: the alumni singers @are a passionate group. @they have been singing negro @spirituals together for more @than 35 years. @>> the spiritualist is the @original music in america. @because the spirituals, out of @them came everything else. @>> reporter: the group formed in @school choir. @they wanted to highlight their @african-american heritage. @>> the music plus the words give . @>> reporter: music first sung by @slaves to give them hope. @>> in the homes, in the field. @for their children.
8:45 am
@part of an escape plan for @slaves, a sort of musical code, @signalling the right time to @flee their owners. @>> she led people from one point @to the other, you know, they @sang songs, but their songs -- @were like little waves @ @ @>> reporter: malcolm was born in @mississippi. @he still remembers the sting of @segregation. @>> these songs brought us @through. @i remember my mother always @singing these songs. @>> 89-year-old katherine jones @said the group mission. @>> to serve people to make other @people good. @where they came from in order to @make people go.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
@at churches and concert halls @ @ time right now is 8:48. @a quick look at today's stop @stories. @the manatee population is @growing.
8:49 am
@they counted a number of @manatees this month. @counted 6250 manatees in florida @waters. @15 more than last year. @these rising numbers have fueled @fwc's push to take them off the @endangered species list. @ a big day for a lot of @little puppies. @the southeastern guide dogs walk @the southeastern guide dogs @walk-a-continue hon is taking @place in st. pete. @all kicks off at vinoy park. @southeastern guide dogs is a @nonprofit that gives highly @trained guide dogs to people in @need including veterans. @all the money that is raised is @done were privately and our own @mark wilson is emceeing that @event. @>> alcides: what a great @organization that is. @>> anjuli: so many roly p olys. @i know they are smart dogs. @adorable too. @>> jim: a perfect day to do @this. @>> a good die get out. @you need your parka if you are a @floridian like us. @>> jim: we are still sitting @the mid-40s. @about 46 degrees not bad for @some of us.
8:50 am
@but as you look outside from our @rear view net cam. @this is 1400 feet up our @transmission tower, and you can @see we are looking at a really @nice start to the day. @a little hazy out there. @and with that high pressure @moving in over the state, we are @continuing -- we are going to @continue to see plenty of sunny @skies. @maybe a little hazy at times. @but those winds are going to @eventually switch around more @toward a easterly direction for @tomorrow. @that when we start the warming @trend. @on the cool side 46 delegations @on the cool side 46 degrees. @dew points at 37. @humidity at 71% with that light @northerly wind right now. @along the coastline. @a little warmer. @st. petersburg at 52. @bradenton has a 51. @sarasota down at 48 degrees. @down throughout the interior @starting to see a few places @breaking into the 50s. @bartow at 50. @wauchula 50 degrees as well, and @still seeing the 30s up into the @pan handle. @panama city, 34 degrees. @tallahassee currently sits at @35.
8:51 am
@not only across our state, but @the -- basically the entire @southeast. @the high is sitting back to our @north and west. @that is going to slowly work its @way tonight east. @so that's why we continue to see @nice looking weather for today @into tomorrow. @by tomorrow, the high will smith @to the east and that swings our @winds around and start the @warming trend as we go through @the day tomorrow. @really not a whole lot going on @across the country. @you can see as you work your way @to our north, just a couple of @very small snow flurries across, @say, west virginia into western @pennsylvania as well. @but winter is still hanging on. @look at the cold temperatures. @everywhere you go across the @country. @bismarck 26. @minneapolis hat a 35. @new york city currently at 30 @degrees. @you head out to reno and cold as @well, 42 degrees. @so watch that high. @that shifts on toward the east. @we have got one more cold night @for tonight. @and then we warm things up by @tomorrow. @we are back into the 70s. @and there is the front working
8:52 am
@eventually headed our way by @wednesday. @giving us a slight chance of @some showers. @plenty of sun for today. @daytime high of 63 degrees. @then for tonight, clear skies. @one more chilly night. @overnight low of 44 for tomorrow @overnight low of 44 for @tomorrow. @nice. @71 degrees with plenty of sun. @on the water, winds are out of @the north at 10 to 15 knots. @seas 2 to 4 feet. @moderate chop on the bay. @high tide at 4:19. @seven-day forecast show @temperatures rebonding back into @the mid and in some cases the @upper 70s as we get into the @middle of the week. @and rain chance comes in on @wednesday with a weak cold front
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
@front, 30% @ @. @ one of my favorite times of @the day. @one of my favorite times of the @year in the bay area. @on thursday the strawberry @festival kicks off. @and that means all things @strawberry all time including @of course strawberry shortcake. @from the strawberry festival are @here with us. @thank you guys for coming in. @>> thank you. @>> anjuli: you can smell the @strawberries and that gets me @excited. @first and foremost talk about @strawberry shortcake. @everybody in the bay area know
8:56 am
@strawberry festival and i @understand two different ways to @have it. @>> yep, biscuit and strawberry @shortcake. @>> anjuli: what do you think @about the biscuit? @>> typically people -- @>> anjuli: the pause. @>> people from the north prefer @the biscuit and people from the @south prefer the cake. @i am a cake person. @>> anjuli: i am too. @>> for me the sweeter the @better. @>> anjuli: are we going to make @one? @what do you guys think. @>> yes, definitely. @>> when you go to the strawberry @festival you put a little dollop @of the whipped cream. @you pile it on. @you don't see the cake. @>> we don't do dollops. @>> anjuli: show me the plant @city way. @>> you can pick your choosing. @i like cake. @>> anjuli: i will go for the @cake too. @let's not kid ourselves. @in the meantime, tell me about @the strawberry festival, what @people can expect if you were @going out there. @>> the theme for the festival is
8:57 am
@and that is really what we try @to do. @we try create the festival to be @an event that is fun for every @member of your family, and so we @have 24 headline entertainers. @>> anjuli: oh, man. @>> on ground entertainers, live @livestock shows. @arts and crafts. @exhibits. @an lots of rides as well. @and so we try to have something @for every single member of your @family, whether that be a child @or a senior adult. @really something for everybody @to do. @and that's what we created @around the family @around the families. @>> anjuli: always a fun event. @thank you for coming on. @of course we need the dollop of @whipped cream. @thank you, guys.
8:58 am
@ stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is
8:59 am
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@ @. @ capturing the truth. @we will talk to the chief of @tampa police department how they @hope videos like one will build @public trust. @ polls open up in south @carolina, but bernie sanders and @hillary clinton are already @looking forward to super @tuesday. @ and a new water taxi service @gets under way right here this @morning in downtown tampa. @why the owner feels like now is @the best time to drop anchor @along the riverwalk. @ from tampa bay's number one


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